Ultra Violet Disinfection

(courtesy of Aquafine Corporation)

Light is electromagnetic radiation, or radiant energy traveling in the form of waves. UV energy is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and x-rays and can best be described as invisible radiation. The energy employed for UV water treatment is further categorized into two primary levels measured as wavelengths - 254 nm and 185 nm, where nm = 1/1000 of a micron. For disinfection and ozone destruction applications, the 254nm wavelength is utilized. For TOC reduction and chlorine destruction applications a unique wavelength are utilized

Aquafine UV systems feature low pressure mercury discharge lamps. The lamps are constructed with a special quartz envelope material that looks like glass, but is actually a discriminating filter. This exclusive design allows predominantly 254 nm or 185 nm UV energy to be transmitted into a water stream as it flows through the UV system's treatment chamber. The primary uses of UV for water treatment are: Disinfection, TOC Reduction, Ozone Destruction and Chlorine Destruction.

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