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Drinking Water

Filterco has a large variety of economical water treatment solutions to suit smaller community, resort and work-site drinking water systems.

High Purity

Whether you need USP, Type I or II Reagent Grade or any other ultra pure standard, Filterco has many alternatives catered to your needs.

Industrial Process

From boiler treatment to special coating to electronics, Filterco services all manner of challenges for the biggest and smallest players in the industrial market.

Food & Beverage

For the finest beverages and bottled water to water used in all fine foods, Filterco has a value-packed solution to meet your needs.


Clean water is vital to overall health, and at Filterco Water Treatment LTD., we want to ensure that your community, business, work site or resort has access to fresh, high-quality water at all times. We have over thirty years of experience in carbon treatment, water filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection, chlorination and many other water processes. Whatever your water treatment challenges may be, you can trust that our experienced team is ready to help you solve these issues with ease.


We are pleased to carry a wide range of merchandise, including many types of filtration systems. We offer sediment, carbon, iron and manganese, and cartridge and bag filters. We also offer water softening, ultraviolet disinfection, reverse osmosis and deionization products. In addition, we carry a range of test and instrumentation products that can meet any industry or municipal standards. We also carry several supporting products such as filter medias, activated carbon, pumps, valves, conditioning salt and chemicals.


In addition to providing complete turnkey water systems, we also offer numerous other services such as preventative maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting for your system. We also install systems and help you get them started and fully operational. If your system needs upgrading or rehabilitation, we can take care of this as well. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced and can consult with you to design the perfect system that meets the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines as well as many other requirements.

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