Water Filtration

As your local, independent, and experienced water filtration provider, Filterco Water Treatment LTD. is ready to help you find the best water treatment solution that will fit your needs. We don't push a certain line of products, but instead, we carefully consider the needs of our clients. We find the water filtration system that best meets these requirements, all while maintaining an affordable price point.

Different Types of Systems

At Filterco, we are pleased to offer a variety of treatment systems, including sediment and carbon filtration, iron and manganese filters, cartridge and bag filters, among many others.

Sediment water filters reduce particulate and turbidity. Carbon filters remove organic chemicals, chlorine, and other undesirable odours and tastes from drinking water. Iron and manganese filters are an effective way to remove stain causing dissolved iron and manganese from water.

For issues like sediment reduction, mineral removal, staining, scaling, organics or disinfection, we have a variety of products available. Other products include, water softeners, reverse osmosis, deionization, desalination, chemical feed and ultraviolet disinfection(UV) and many other products to meet your water standards.

Markets We Work With

Our filtration systems can be applied to a large range of operations, such as communities up to 500 residences, resorts, and mill and mine sites. They also meet regulations for clean water for food and beverage processors and other industrial markets. We also build systems that serve high purity markets such as laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hospitals.

At Filterco, we can help you design a commercial filtration system that meets your specific needs. We also offer many services, including upgrades and rehabilitation, installation, start-up and commissioning, and repair and maintenance to make sure your filtration system serves you well for years to come.