Phoenix Ultra High-purity

Lab Water System

All-in-one countertop solution delivering Type 1, 18.2 Megohm water on demand

Purpose & Scope

Laboratory systems are built to provide ultra-high purity, laboratory grade water. They are suitable for applications which require very specific water quality specifications, such as research, development, and testing facilities.


Each system often incorporates a combination of filtration technologies to meet the end user’s needs. Common examples include staged carbon & microfiltration, followed by RO filtration or deionization. Product water quality varies depending on the type of filtration, from 97% rejection of total dissolved solids to ASTM Type 1 rating.

Whereas larger industrial systems supplying ultra-high purity may require custom design and installation parameters, simple, easy-to-use “desktop” filtration solutions are available for many laboratory applications. These specialized systems come as singular free standing or wall mounted units; they require minimal care and maintenance, and individual filters are easy to replace within the system.

Left to Right: (1) Countertop DI Filtration System, (2) Wall-mounted DI Filtration System, (3) Wall-mounted RO Pre-treatment System