Drinking water
Filterco has a large variety of economical water treatment solutions to suit smaller community, resort and work-site drinking water systems.
High Purity
Whether you need USP, Type I or II Reagent Grade or any other ultra pure standard, Filterco has many alternatives catered to your needs.
Industrial process
From boiler treatment to special coating to electronics, Filterco services all manner of challenges for the biggest and smallest players in the industrial market.
Food & Beverage
For the finest beverages and bottled water to water used in all fine foods, Filterco has a value-packed solution to meet your needs.
Filterco Water Treatment Ltd. is an independent Vancouver-based, full-service water treatment equipment purveyor, focused on the small municipal, high purity and commercial/industrial process water markets in British Columbia and beyond.

Filterco has over thirty years experience in filtration, carbon treatment, softening, reverse osmosis, deionization, ultraviolet sterilization and chlorination among other application technologies. Much of this experience has been in solving unique British Columbia, (B.C.), problems commonly associated with surface water sources. We also have extensive experience in rehabilitating and servicing many other manufacturers’ products. As well we handle a vast range of parts and expendables.

Our mission as a water treatment dealer is to meet or exceed your needs and expectations. We will respond promptly and honestly to your inquiries, and provide a lasting solution to your water treatment challenges. As an independent dealer, Filterco will work for you in sorting out the large range of technologies and manufacturers to bring you true value in your final result.